Unique Ideas To Make A Romantic Proposal

lovely couple kissing

Once you are an active part of the singles dating scene online you will find plenty of women looking for men. After an online introduction at the dating site it is time to take things to the next level to meet and propose to your partner. The proposal is one of the most memorable incidents of a relationship or marriage. It has to be made extra special. A perfect proposal is every girl’s dream (well, almost). And one should make the effort give his girl of his dreams, the woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life, or whatsoever situation of life he might be in, first date or marriage proposal.

Few ideas for the big day

Be natural: The last thing you want to be on such an important day is awkward, just because you chose to do something that’s totally not your game. If you’re a jeans and tee kind of guy, don’t jump into a Armani suit and tie. Be yourself, be natural, be comfortable and be happy. You’ll be happy; you’ll keep her happy, so long as you do everything she says.

Try the time tested candlelit dinner: This is the oldest and safest trick in the book. Time tested, and bound to work. Find out the essentials that you’ll need to arrange an ideal evening. The two of you seated across each other, candles flickering on the side, casting a perfect light to look at the love of your life, almost begs to be the time you pop the question. Some are adventurous and rope in the staff to help them out, slipping the ring into a compartment in the cake or in the wine goblet, others fish it out of their pocket, dropping to their knees, pretending to pick up something that fell!

Ask her out for coffee: A lot can happen over a coffee’, and it is truly so. A coffee stroll with maybe some choco fudge cake or tiramisu as you walk hand in hand at the park seems just right. It can catch her off guard when you suddenly go on bended knee and leave her totally speechless. The surprise she would feel, would be amazing to experience.

Enact reel life in real life: Movies are some of the most versatile of things. One thing they do, among the many others is give you the perfect proposal. Make sure you put in one of those lovely romantic movies, and let it work, it’s magic. Right when the proposal happens, and the reel couple walks into the sunset in bliss, is when you do your thing, and there you have it, a lovely proposal.

Propose over the radio: A public admission of love is always special, but when it’s before hundreds and possibly even thousands it just gets better. Record your proposal, and have them play it, right after your ‘special song’. And while this happens, make sure that you two are together at a place that holds special meaning for the two you, maybe where you met the first time, or where you two shared your first kiss together, and c’mon no girl’s ever saying no to that sweet and thoughtful proposal, so have her call in to the radio and answer. Let the world know of your lover for her, and let them know too, who would now dream for the rest of their lives to have your partner as theirs that she has signed off from the dating scene!

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