How To Fix Issues That Damage a Relationship

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Whether you are in an online dating relationship or in a conventional relationship there are certain aspects that can destroy a relationship. Single women and men in relationships need to be aware of certain factors that could sour the best of relationships. While there is a lack of trust in a partner or an isolated act of infidelity that are the primary causes of breakups there are certain less obvious factors that are equally as destructive but not as obvious. Some of the signs to keep an eye out for when in a relationship include:

Carrying resentment

One of the root causes of tension between partners in long term relationships or in a marriage is to carry resentment that is hidden. Harboring resentment that is not addressed or resolved can damage any relationship severely. The solution is to address the cause of the issue and express your feeling to your partner.

Not discussing sexual needs

One area where many partners feel shy to express their innermost desires is their sexual needs. When sexual dissatisfaction arises in a relationship and the matter is not discussed and addressed it could lead to further problems in the relationship. Partners need to communicate with each other about their sexual needs and desires if they are not satisfied.

Making assumptions: Making assumptions without any legitimate proof is always a bad idea and especially in a relationship. Making assumptions about what each other like and dislike without actually confirming the same is a sure recipe for disaster. Similarly, when it comes to personal issues drawing up an assumption without confirming the facts will jeopardise any relationship. The key is always to ask and communicate and not try to read each other’s minds.

Monotony sets-in

In any relationship including marriage, there will come a time when the relationship no matter how strong becomes jaded and monotony begins to set in. Unlike the early days of romance when both partners were new to each other discovering new facts about each other, with time this element of excitement tends to fade away. The surprise element is what keeps relationships ticking and healthy. The solution is not to follow a routine and do things on the spur of the moment, spontaneously. Whether it is taking a sudden vacation together or going out on an unplanned dinner date keep the relationship surprising and exciting at all times.

Do not take a partner for granted

Another area to tread with extra caution is not to take each other for granted. This tends to happen in long term relationships when both partners have been with each other for long. Never take the other partner for granted and always consult and discuss issues with the other partner if their consent is needed.

Resort to silence

When there are problems in any relationship, the worst thing to do is remain silent about the problem and refuse to discuss it. This silence can cause much more damage than having a spirited discussion over the topic. Always keep the lines of communication open with each other when there are issues and never resort to silence.

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