Give Your Love Life A Boost In 2019

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The New Year is on. We’ve all got resolutions and ideas to make this year the better than the last. And most of these can be done too. But there’s this one area, where some of us face more issues than others. The part that matters the most- our love life.  If you’re one such person, worry no more. We’ve got some great ideas to beef up your life in that department. Super easy!

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Some of the ways to jazz up your love life

Do not depend on luck

The girl of your dreams isn’t going to miraculously appear out of anywhere! You have to get out there and find her. Relying on luck isn’t the way to go here. All of us want to love and be loved by someone special. Be pro-active. Put yourself out there. It increases your chances of actually finding someone exponentially. Get out there today!

Change your routine

Meeting the same people, whether it’s at work or elsewhere, going to the same clubs, bars, even grocery stores can get boring. Switch it up and do something new. Something which you haven’t done before. Go to a concert, try the new supermarket, a new club or a different park to walk your dog at. There’s so many possible partners at these places. Give it a shot! You might just find who you’ve been looking for.

Get friends to set you up

Friends are supposed to help other friends out. So, if you ask them to set you up with someone, there’s nothing wrong in it and no shame in it. Make it clear in your circle that you’re on the lookout for a partner. You never know when and where they might run into someone whom they think is suited for you!

Establish eye contact

Eyes are the most expressive. Use them to your advantage. Establish eye contact with someone you’re interested in, that’s the first step in showing them you’re interested. Now be careful. You don’t want to be accused of staring and creeping her out. A glance every now and then, and once you two have locked eyes, then a slightly longer one. This should set the stage for some interesting things to happen!

Get close

This doesn’t mean that you invade someone’s private space. It means that you move closer to them, without making them uncomfortable, hinting to them your interest in having a conversation and possibly something beyond that as well.

Try these simple things out and see your love life take a turn for the better in 2019. Take the first step towards enjoying a more fulfilling love life this year!

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